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What we all wait for…the first snowfall.

December 11, 2010

Autumn in any ski town can be a bummer. It raining, cold and getting darker, but as a skier it just mean every day done is a day closer to ski season. And boy, am I happy its here! Here in Whistler it happened early, a week early. People were rushing to shops getting the latest and the greatest equipment, signing waiver forms for their seasons pass, and the gym suddenly was busy for the last minute conditioning. It is amazing how the moral of a town changes when they see the first snow fall.
It has been close to a month since opening and the village feels alive. People coming out of the woodwork to head up the hill. Seeing friends that I haven’t seen since last season.

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I am very thankful that I put in a good amount of time (the best effort since I can remember) at the gym and dryland training over the fall to get ready for the season. Hiking to the Peak before the chair opened, top to bottom laps and doing it all over again the next day.

With the snow, comes the many hundreds of thousands of guests that flock to Whistler for a snowy vacation all looking for the same stoke we got with our first snowfall.

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