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I’m a wallpaper!!!!

November 14, 2010

Check this out! I’m a wallpaper for the Whistler Blackcomb (WB) website!!! I could be on your computer!

And here is another one with my friend Duncan in the back and me in the front



Its autumn…waiting for it to be officially WINTER!‏

September 19, 2010

It is officially autumn.  The leaves are changing colour and its raining a lot here in Whistler.

So far a good start to the season.  The ski magazines are coming out and everyone is getting a little more stoked everyday.

Speaking of ski magazines…I’ve raided the shelves and it paid off.  I’m so far in two this month.  I have a full page in Ski Canada Buyer’s Guide 2011, page 43.  This photo is a stock photo from two seasons ago. I’m stoked because this is full page!  This is my third one.
The second photo, is from just last season, it is in Powder Magazine.  It is an ad for Whistler Blackcomb.  It is a small photo.  But it was one of my favorites from last year.

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I’m really look forward to this coming season.  I’m totally on count down.  I’m so ready to ditch my summer/fall job to get back on the hill!

I’m in the process of updating everything, from videos from last seasons comp runs to blogs.  I’m a women on a mission.  I’m also trying to compile more of a concrete idea of the plan this season.  That is what the autumn is for.

BIG NEWS!!!  I got asked to do the Women of Whistler for  This shoot will include Sarah Burke, Jen Ashton, Laura Ogden, a couple others and ME!!!  Really stoked to be asked for this project.  I have a few of my friends that did the Jackson Hole shoot and they really got positive response back from it. This is to showcase us on and off the hill.  Our personalities, our style, who we are.  The shoot just wrapped up for me today.  It was super fun.  I brought a bag of everything I could think of, from dress, part of my hat collection, ski stuff and trophies.  I’m really excited!  I’ve always secretly wanted to do this…love photos!  The photographer Heather Erson ( was super chill and conformable to work with.  She just finished working with the ladies from Snowbird, Whistler and I think next on the list is Aspen.  Its not just freeskiing girls but racers, bumpers, mountaineers…  This project is really great to get women’s skiing out there in a tasteful fashion.  I’m really excited to see the results.

This was my bag of stuff with of course my new Jimi!!!

Squamish chief

August 24, 2010

View from the third peak on the chief. So beautiful! I can’t believe sometimes that this is in my backyard.

Arne Backstrom 1980-2010

June 5, 2010

Another amazing skier, person and quiet leader as died recently, Arne Backstrom. He past while doing something he loved, skiing.

I didn’t know him as well as most but the little time I did have hanging out with him was great. He was a great guy. Loved skiing. A smart skier. He was quick and calculated. I feel privileged to have skied a bit with him this year.

My heart goes out to his family and close friends.
To read more:

Warren Miller just put out a really nice tribute of him

Last of the season for Whistler Mt.

April 25, 2010

It was the end of the road for Whistler Mountain for the 2009-2010 winter season. It was a great day. The bad weather stayed away and the sun was breaking through the clouds that did show up. Whistler still having over a three meter base, I had some of the best spring skiing up there in years. Skied West Bowl, The Cirque, Sun Bowl and other high alpine runs and the snow had a bit of a dust on crust feeling mixed in with some slush. But I didn’t hit one rock.

But my day ended a bit early today. I was asked by Jen Hudak (she won the women’s half pipe competition) to represent her for this car draw. She won 1 of 4 keys to try to with a brand new Camaro. I picked the last number out of the hat to pick a key. I was happy, didn’t have to stress over picking the key i just took the last one. Then they reversed the order (surprise!) and I got to try the key first. Did a little wish dance and kissed the key, put it in the lock, turned it left and right (for good measure), no luck. Went through all the keys…it was the last one (of course, they said they didn’t plan it that way). It was a snowboarder who won an award at the Grenade Games (just a fun 4 days of competition, pretty much no rules, jam format, just fun killing it with your friends). I think he won the best trick of something. He’s from Kelowna (yah Canada for killing it) and I don’t think they won any or little money at that event, so he is pretty stoked right now.

There was a great band that played for the last concert, Arrested Development. They came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. I never heard of them before. But once they started playing that didn’t matter because they were so good. So
much energy, great sound and amazing vocals. It was mix of hip-hop, soul and freestyle rap. Perfect for me. The whole crowd was into it. The sun was shining and all you saw was people dancing and waving their hands in the air. They got the crowd to join in a few songs, made us feel like we were in the show too. Super cool. I’m totally going to look them up to get some of their music.

It was in all a great day, start to finish. Skiing the last day of season on one of the best mountains in the world in my backyard, trying to win a car in front of a large crowd to hearing a great band under the afternoon sun. Nothing wrong with that.

Spring is here, the bike is out

April 18, 2010

Spring is definitly here. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and you can feel the warmth of the sun. The bike has been out already this season commuting to and from the village in between the second winter we got earlier this month. But today was the first official trail ride of the season. Nothing to crazy – smooth hill, flowing corners and small snow drifts. We took Tin Pants to Gypsy Drum to the Green Lake Lookout. It is amazing that my legs feel so strong on my ski right now but I huff and I puff on small hills with my bike. But it is early days, and I feel that I have a head start from last year already! I’m not quite ready to put the skis away for the season. Some of the best days of the season happen in the soft, sunny, goggle tan spring months of April and May.

New skis

April 15, 2010

Got my new skis today!! Super stoked!! Now that I’m finished coaching for the season I can ski just for me. And yes…those are a pair of carving skis, first one in I think 7ish years…